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#RIPTwitter Is Trending On Twitter Following A New Feature Announcement

"I can't believe this app is free" doesn't really apply anymore.

Some Twitter users might be calling it quits with the social media app following the announcement of a new feature that would require users to pay.

The new feature, known as a "Super Follow," will allow people to subscribe to some of their favorite creators at a monthly cost of $4.99, and many are refusing to partake.

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Subscribing to someone would grant you access to exclusive content such as tweets and newsletters, but some users don't feel it's worth it.

Some even feel the new feature is bad enough to ditch the platform entirely.

Others are still just wishing for a simple button that would allow them to edit their tweets after they're published.

Twitter also announced the creation of "Communities," which will pretty much be the platform's version of Facebook Groups and act as spaces where people with similar interests can join and share tweets.

Catching a good night's sleep can be difficult, and Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal have all landed themselves a spot on a list of the top 20 most stressed-out sleepers worldwide.

The study done by Mornings.co.uk tracked sleep-related tweets from 120 cities in June 2021 and ranked them by their level of stress.

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The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) just dropped its list of all the featured films they will be showing at this year's festival, and the casts sure pack a Hollywood punch.

TIFF selected a grand total of 32 star-studded films for this coming year ranging from award-winning Broadway adaptations to haunting psychological thrillers.

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Claiming Rogers Credit After The Outage

The company has explained how much you can get back.👇💰

Following a giant outage that left Canadians across the country without phone and data services this week, a Rogers credit has been offered to affected customers.

The company explained that the April 19 outage was caused by a recent Ericsson software update and promised that it was working to ensure this would not happen again.

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The first two Athleta Canada stores are expected to open this year and there will also be a Canadian online store launching in 2021.

This is Gap's performance lifestyle brand that's specifically for women and girls.

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