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This Underground Hobbit Home For Sale In BC Has A Super Chic Interior (PHOTOS)

If your dream home is a five-star underground bunker, your time has come. This underground home for sale in B.C. is basically made for a really fancy hobbit. While it may look quaint, it's actually super luxurious and modern on the inside. 

The home is located in the teeny-tiny community of Krestova, B.C., which is about 30 minutes away from Nelson and Castlegar.

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If you've had enough of the hustle and bustle and you want to get off the grid, this place is ideal for you.

The place is on an 80-acre piece of "unspoiled land," according to the listing. But don't let the remoteness fool you.

The interior is so modern and chic that you'll feel like you're residing in a penthouse suite instead of literally underground. 

Complete with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a parking lot, you'll have more than enough space for yourself to bask in the peace and quiet. 

The listing mentions that this spacious abode is fitted with skylights, tall ceilings, a green roof, hot tub, custom-built kitchen, and so many other amenities. 

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While parts may be underground, the house actually peeks out and has tons of giant windows. You'll have an abundance of natural light flowing through.

The views of the surrounding forests in the Kootenay forest aren't too shabby either. 

The listing also says that all of the empty land around the property can help you achieve a more "self-sustainable" lifestyle. The parking lot alone can hold up to 20 vehicles. 

If that isn't enough, the property comes with yet another residence just steps away from the main home. The second home has two bedrooms and one bathroom. 

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The exterior of the hobbit home is built with stone and gives off amazing rustic vibes. The hardwood flooring indoors will further add to the cozy atmosphere

"The home is equipped with in-floor hot water heating, custom stone-built fireplace solar panels, 2 septic systems and wired with backup batteries that allow the bunker home to run on or off the grid," the listing says. 

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The house is on the market for $2,179,000.

Whether you want a unique home that'll offer a swift hideaway whenever you desire or you're a true fan of The Lord Of The Rings, this home should certainly pique your interest. 

Hobbit-Style Home In Krestova

Price: $2,179,000

Address: 3202 Tower Road, Krestova, BC

Description: An elegant hobbit-style home in the British Columbia countryside that promises both comfort and remoteness. 

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