Cities All Over Canada Had Anti-Mask Protests This Weekend (VIDEO)

Cities and towns saw people take to the streets.
Anti-Mask Protests Took Place All Over Canada This Weekend (VIDEOS)

The anti-maskers were out in full force this weekend. On Saturday, July 18, and Sunday, July 19, "March to Unmask" protests took over a number of Canadian cities. These anti-mask protests were organized in protest of mandatory mask-wearing policies. 

On July 18, Quebec implemented a province-wide rule, which requires residents to wear masks or face coverings in all indoor public spaces. 

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Ottawa and Toronto have also introduced a similar bylaw, and Calgary is in discussions about potentially following suit.

In response, many Canadians took to the streets this past weekend.

A post from "March to Unmask: Calgary" described the purpose of the local protest. The description first referred to Toronto's new mandatory mask bylaw. 

Then it read, "we will not allow this to become the new normal in our communities as prolonged unnecessary use of masks can be harmful to your health and most masks offer you no protection."

A similar page was created for Edmonton where a protest was held outside the Alberta Legislature on Sunday afternoon. The page also listed all the other cities that had their own "March to Unmask" protests. 

The list included Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Regina, Charlottetown, London, Hamilton, Ottawa, Red Deer, Saskatoon, Frederickton, Halifax, and Saskatoon. 

Many of the above cities or towns don't have mandatory mask-wearing policies.

Global News reported that Saskatchewan has no mandatory mask-wearing rule. A post on "March to Unmask: Saskatoon" page said that it's just a "matter of time before it comes here." 

Many of the demonstrators at these protests also revealed themselves to be against the administration of a possible COVID-19 vaccine, per Global. 

CTV News posted images of Calgary protestors holding signs reading "End The Tyranny" and "I will not wear your fear" during Sunday's event. 

While Calgary is meeting to discuss introducing a mandatory mask-wearing policy on Monday, July 20, Jason Kenney has made it clear that he won't make it mandatory across the province. 

Alberta's Premier said, per CTV News, that he had recommended the usage of masks even when the World Health Organization was telling people not to wear them. 

from Calgary

In response, Dr. Hinshaw, Alberta's top doctor, tweeted a reminder to "remember the importance of your actions." 

According to the Ottawa Citizen, protestors in the city had brought "Hugs Over Masks" and "I exempt myself" signs to the local protest. 

About 60 people showed up at the demonstration outside Ottawa City Hall.

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