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You Have 13 Days To Start Wearing Masks In Calgary Or It Might Become Mandatory

The Mayor is tired of telling people to wear masks.

Calgary is not messing around when it comes to wearing masks. On Tuesday, July 7, Mayor Naheed Nenshi said that the amount of people wearing masks in Calgary while out shopping or on public transit is "way too low." 

According to the Calgary Herald, he said if Calgarians don't choose to wear masks on their own, he's going to look at making it mandatory. 

We’ll have to see how Calgarians do in the next 13 days. 

Mayor Naheed Nenshi

The 13-day ultimatum has been set as that's when the next city council meeting takes place. 

Nenshi said that if he continues to see the same level of mask-wearing, then he is "happy" to bring up a motion in the next council meeting. 

The Mayor said that he's been observing what Toronto and Ottawa have been doing in terms of making mask-wearing mandatory in some places. 

Via The Calgary Herald