Quebec's Indoor Mask Rule Just Came Into Effect & It's The First Province-Wide One Ever

Some people are exempt though.
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Quebec Mandatory Masks Rule Just Came Into Effect & It's The First Province-Wide One

Don't forget a face covering if you're going somewhere indoors! Quebec's mandatory mask rule just came into effect all over the province and it's the first spot in the country to have all-encompassing regulations across the board. So far, mandates have been done at the regional or city level in other places.

As of July 18, everyone age 12 and older has to wear a mask or face covering while in all indoor public places in Quebec.

Though people with medical conditions that don't allow them to wear one are exempted from the rule.

Retail stores, malls, recreational centres, movie theatres, restaurants when you're not sitting at a table, hair salons and any other enclosed public spaces are on the list of places where masks need to be worn.

Even common areas like elevators are included in this.

Business owners are the ones responsible for making sure the new rules are followed in their establishments and if they don't there are consequences.

They could be fined as little as $400 or as much as $6,000.

When the mandate was first announced, Premier François Legault said "it's not fun wearing a mask, but it's essential."

Quebec is the first place in Canada to introduce province-wide rules and regulations about wearing the face coverings.

People who aren't wearing one can be denied entry at places where they're mandatory.

"It's better to wear a mask than to be confined at home," Legault said.

While the burden of ensuring the rules are followed falls on business owners right now, individuals might also face fines in the near future.

Masks have been made mandatory in other parts of the country but not on a large scale like this.

In Ontario, multiple cities and regions have put new rules in place about face coverings in all indoor public spaces including Toronto and Ottawa.

People could soon be mandated to wear them in Calgary.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi said that there aren't enough people wearing them when shopping or on public transit and he even gave the city a 13-day ultimatum about it.

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