Bite into some of nature's candy. Summer wouldn't be complete without eating handfuls of sweet strawberries and blueberries. If you are looking for a fun activity to do this summer, you need to gather the juiciest fruit yourself. Next time it is sunny outside, pick berries near Vancouver at this adorable farm for super cheap.

Emma Lea Farms is a quick 35-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. Chances are you have gone berry picking as a child, but you'll find it even better as an adult.

There is just something so relaxing about enjoying the sunshine, while surrounded by leafy green plants. Plus, you'll get to look forward to all enjoying berries that taste so much fresher than those in the grocery store.

While they are delicious on their own, you could whisk up a feast of strawberry shortcake or blueberry topped waffles to share with your BFF.

Right now, Emma Lea Farms is offering u-pick strawberries daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. There should be the bright red fruit available for the next two weeks, so go soon not to miss out.

Starting in early July, there will be a limited selection of tart raspberries and tayberries. Then by mid-July, the delicious black currants and blueberries will be ready.

The exact dates depend on the weather, as if we get a long stretch of hot weather, they will ripen faster.

As such it is a good idea, to check with the farm as to what is available before you go.

Best of all, this is a budget-friendly source of entertainment and food. A 2.5 lb basket of strawberries is only $7, which is more than enough for the week.

But if you are looking to try baking a pie or making jam, the five-litre bucket for $17 is a better choice.

Now that it is finally berry season, you'll absolutely want to add visiting this farm to your summer bucket list.

Emma Lea Farms

Price: $7.00+ for a 2.5 lb basket of strawberries

Address: 2727 Westham Island Rd., Delta, BC

Why You Need To Go: You can collect juicy berries with your best friend this summer.