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You Could Win A $1,000 Gift Card By Signing Up For This Canadian Survey App This Month

The chance to win money for school or office supplies until August 31!
You Could Win A $1,000 Gift Card By Signing Up For This Canadian Survey App This Month

Right now, chances are that you’re either working from home or anticipating your return to school this fall. Whatever your current situation may be, how great would it be to score money to purchase school supplies or revamp your office? Seriously, going on a shopping spree for a brand new office chair (your back will thank you!), printer, desk organizers, or even just a pack of pens is probably the most “normal” thing you can do in 2020.

LEO (short for Leger Opinion), a modern survey app that allows people to express their opinion on different subjects in exchange for rewards, is giving you that exact chance.

They'll be running a new contest this month: everyone who signs up for the first time has the chance to win a $1,000 gift card to buy school or office supplies. This could definitely come in handy whether you’re working from home, prepping for the fall semester or, well, both.

And, sure, that $1,000 could be used for something practical, like the aforementioned super comfy office chair. But you could also use it for electronics, like an upgrade to your laptop (AKA your biggest tool to work or learn from home), or to get creative and buy something that supports your hobby, like a new Canon Rebel.

After you sign up, there's no further action required — you're automatically entered to win! The contest ends on August 31 at midnight. Remember: it’s free to sign up for LEO and your opinions are always kept 100% confidential. 

LEO by Leger, the largest Canadian-owned market research and analytics company, took it upon themselves to create this platform, knowing that Canadians favour taking surveys online. If you'd prefer to share your two cents on the web rather than over the phone, LEO has made it easier and more rewarding than ever.

LEO (Leger Opinion)

Why let your valued thoughts go unheard? We're living in such unpredictable times, and the world could probably benefit from your honesty right now. Plus, earning rewards for simply sharing your opinion sounds pretty awesome.

On LEO, members receive LEO points when they complete surveys, which can be redeemed for prizes such as prepaid Visa cards, gift cards, PayPal transfers, Air Miles reward miles, Uber or Uber Eats credits and more. 

Members also earn chances to win prizes (including cash, iPads, and more) in LEO’s monthly contests every time they complete a survey on the LEO platform.

Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels

Seeing as how we're living in the age of technology, we might as well bask in its glory and reap the benefits of instant gratification. Rather than scrolling through your Instagram feed repeatedly and seeing the same post you saw five minutes before, earn some rewards instead and treat yourself!

Register here for your chance to win a $1,000 gift card. For more information about LEO, check out their Facebook and Instagram