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10 Up-And-Coming Canadian Artists That You Need To Know About

Discover new music from the comfort of home, courtesy of First Up with RBCxMusic.
10 Up-And-Coming Canadian Artists That You Need To Know About

One thing we've had to learn since the start of the pandemic is how to stay connected while apart. It might be challenging, but people and businesses are definitely stepping up to the plate to make it easier. Take the First Up with RBCxMusic initiative. It helps emerging Canadian musicians get their names (and songs) out into the world.

It's no secret that music brings people together. And, while we might miss in-person concerts, First Up with RBCxMusic makes it easy to discover new jams. COVID-19 has definitely impacted the music scene, but this initiative helps artists find the success they deserve.

First Up performances kicked off on June 25, and the program will continue to profile new Canadian artists each weekend throughout the summer. These talented up-and-comers from all across our country create music in a wide range of genres. Every Thursday through Sunday at 7 p.m. EST, emerging musical sensations post a virtual concert on their own Instagram page.

That's right, you get to discover new music, all from the comfort of home. It doesn't get better than that. Check out this list of 10 emerging artists who are getting showcased as part of First Up with RBCxMusic.

1. Kayleigh 

Ready to hear some powerful pop and R&B jams? Then you've got to check out Kayleigh. Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, but currently living in Montreal, this artist brings her A-game and candid nature to everything she does. Get ready to discover some new favs and get serious chills because Kayleigh's show is set to drop Thursday, July 16.

Check out Kayleigh's music here.

2. Fleece

Are you looking for some edgy new jams? This indie sensation made up of four best friends from Montreal, Quebec, is all about cutting-edge sounds and creating a sense of community among its fanbase. A believer in the importance of equality and making the world a better place, Fleece likes to reflect these values in their music. Their performance drops on Thursday, July 9, and you can expect an awesome show combining alternative jazz, folk, hip-hop, funk, and electronic — and lots of good times.

Check out Fleece's music here.

3. Koffee K

If you're all about hip-hop, then you need to tune in to Koffee K's First Up performance, dropping on Friday, July 17. Hailing from Longueuil, Quebec, this artist, who performed in the first edition of the Metro Metro Festival in 2019, produces high-energy, meaningful beats that resonate with his audience. Always aiming to perfect his craft, KK is sure to deliver nothing short of musical and lyrical brilliance.

Check out Koffee K's music here.

4. Keynes

Bringing Canada trendy hip-hop jams, Keynes was born in Congo and is currently based in Ottawa, Ontario. With catchy songs blending traditional and modern sounds, this artist put on a performance that'll get you vibing. Keynes’ performance dropped on Sunday, July 5, so don't forget to check it out.

Check out Keynes' music here.

5. Earlybird 

This classically trained singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario, takes indie music to a new level with soulful songs that are both deeply emotional and uplifting. If you like your jams infused with feelings and rawness, then listen to Earlybird's concert on Thursday, July 9.

Check out Earlybird's music here.

6. Raeshaun

Bringing hip-hop into a whole new light, this artist from Mississauga, Ontario, will be performing his melodic flows and catchy lyrics on Sunday, July 12. Raeshaun's music is nothing if not energetic and fun, so his mash-up of hip-hop, rap, trap, and pop will definitely hype you up and get you moving.

Check out Raeshaun's music here.

7. The Treble 

With roots in Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Treble offers a new twist on indie music. Quirky music videos and alt-rock tunes with flair set this audio sensation apart from the crowd. Be sure to catch their performance dropping Friday, July 17.

Check out The Treble's music here.

8. Josh Sahunta

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, this pop artist is all about infusing his contemporary tracks with passion and heart. If you like your music full of emotion and reminiscent of the likes of his inspos (John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and The Weeknd), be sure to watch Josh Sahunta's virtual set, dropping Sunday, July 12, to get all the feels.

Check out Josh Sahunta's music here.

9. Kelland

Modernity at its finest, Kelland elevates the electronic genre in an innovative way. Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., this music producer and songwriter is all about creating unique sounds to keep his crowd's energy high. Check out Kelland's concert which drops on Saturday, July 11, and discover some new Canadian beats to get that bass pumping.

Check out Kelland's music here.

10. Llex Llewellyn 

Bringing you rhythm and blues straight from Vancouver, B.C, this R&B sensation delivers a new edge to old-school sounds. Llex creates music that definitely gets you feeling some type of way, so don't miss out on her concert, dropping Thursday, July 16.

Check out Llex Llewellyn's music here.

Now the start of your summer is brimming with musical opportunity. All you have to do is grab a snack, your favourite streaming device, and your dancing gear. If you're looking for even more original tunes to add to the soundtrack of your summer, check out this Spotify playlist with songs from all of the First Up artists.

Music is all about bringing together people with different passions and interests. First Up with RBCxMusic helps Canada unite while supporting the innovation and creativity of our talented up-and-coming artists.

To learn more about First Up with RBCxMusic, follow RBCxMusic on Instagram and share your journey of discovery with #FirstUp.