11 Cities In Canada Where You Can Actually Buy A Home For Under $350K

Some big cities are surprisingly affordable.
11 Cities In Canada Where You Can Actually Buy A Home For Under $350K

As beautiful as our home and native land is, many Canadian cities can be quite costly if you are on the hunt for a new place to live, one report found.

Additionally, amid the pandemic, the housing market in the country is staying historically strong, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association.

They say that home sales were up 35.2% and home prices increased by almost 22.8% from this time last year.*

What's more, many cities are considered to be strong seller's markets, meaning it's worse to be a buyer right now according to Zoocasa .

It's not all bad news for buyers. Their report also showed the average house prices for several cities all over Canada.

Here are 11 spots where the average home price is less than $350,000 so you can get more bang for your buck.

Trois-rivières, Quebec

Average home price: $200,270

Saint John, New Brunswick

Average home price: $209,702

Saguenay, Quebec

Average home price: $209,984

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Average home price: $253,107

Regina, Saskatchewan

Average home price: $300,640

Quebec City, Quebec

Average home price: $308,345

Sherbrooke, Quebec

Average home price: $309,655

Sudbury, Ontario

Average home price: $314,030

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Average home price: $321,355

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Average home price: $330,015

Gatineau, Quebec

Average home price: $345,099

* This article has been updated.