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2020 Has Taught Us Why Plans Don’t Matter, Here’s How You Can Make The Most Of 2021 Instead

Welcome to the year of no compromises.
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2020 Has Taught Us Why Plans Don’t Matter, Here’s How You Can Make The Most Of 2021 Instead

It's no secret that 2020 was a slog of a year.

The good news is that it's now in the past, and there are tons of ways to make 2021 much better. Now is the time to embrace what you love. And no, this doesn't mean setting those typical New Year's resolutions that are forgotten by March!

The reality is that nobody needs the added pressure of meeting unrealistic goals. Instead, if you slightly change your mindset, you can focus on and truly embrace what brings you joy.

To help with this, a great-tasting, alcohol-free alternative, Heineken 0.0, is the perfect beverage to enjoy while doing the things you love, guilt-free. 

If you need a little inspiration to make the most of your year ahead, look no further than these ideas to put a smile on your face.

Create Your Own Tea Or Coffee Station

Whether it's first thing in the morning or a midday pick-me-up, taking time to sip on a warm cup of your favourite something can be a very comforting ritual. And comfort is crucial to self-care.

You can set up your very own tea or coffee station to prepare, pour and savour your hot drink of choice without having to leave the comfort of home. And to shake things up for your next weekend brunch, switch your mimosas to radlers-with-a-twist by mixing grapefruit juice and Heineken 0.0, a tasty, non-alcoholic alternative.

Consider things like location, storage space, coffee and tea-specific items, furniture and decor — these things should be both functional and pleasing.

Start A Pinterest Board To Inspire Your Home Renovations

When walking through your home, if you see nothing but improvements — like maybe a bright feature wall or bamboo blinds — you may know exactly what you would do for a new home reno project, just like Heineken 0.0 ambassador Todd Talbot of Vancouver's Love It or List It would.

"There is nothing more satisfying than finally tackling that home renovation or repair you’ve been staring at for years...especially now that we are all at home so much," says Talbot. "Go for it, pat yourself on the back, brag about it on Instagram and crack open a cold Heineken 0.0 to celebrate. You can enjoy it at the beginning of your project, in the middle or at the end to toast to your accomplishments."

On the other hand, you're definitely not alone if you see nothing but drab decor and colour but have no clue what to do about it. If this is you, get on Pinterest and start pinning ideas — whatever strikes your fancy. This will absolutely drive that inspiration for tackling the project yourself (see the next point!).

Learn A DIY Or Home Renovation Project

Once you've created that Pinterest board, ask yourself, what stands out the most? What project would you get the most joy from? Then tackle that DIY project or small home renovation that's been put off for ages.

The process of completing something yourself from start to finish can be incredibly therapeutic, and you'll experience a huge sense of accomplishment as you witness your project come together — especially if you remember to keep a case of cold Heineken 0.0 in the fridge to sip on while you work.

If you're lacking skills in the DIY area, check out a course or YouTube video for tips and tricks.

Explore Your Own Backyard

For a true change of scenery, have you considered exploring a neighbourhood or area of town you've never seen? A short hike or leisurely walk is a simple yet effective solution for some much-needed rejuvenation and fresh perspective.

Change is good for all of us, and what better way to experience it than through some unfamiliar parks, nature, landmarks and architecture?

Transform Your Space Into An Indoor Jungle

Studies show that plants have many health benefits: not only do they clean the air, improve your mood, boost creativity and reduce fatigue, stress and colds, but they're also known to make people happy and improve mental health. Plus, they look pretty darn cool!

Luckily, a wide variety of plant species thrive indoors, even in the dry, dark or damp spaces that some apartments tend to be. A few of these include philodendrons, rubber trees, lipstick plants, jade and pancake plants.

Boost Your Creativity

Doing something creative with your time unleashes that right part of your brain you may not use too often. It brings happiness and joy and can really transport you away from your daily grind for a while — the perfect combination for self-care.

Drawing, painting, photography, jewelry, soap-making, journaling and woodworking are just a few ideas to get you started, but if you're needing more inspiration, check out a craft store or do some online research.

Clean Up & Mix It Up At Home

If a full-on home reno or DIY project isn't up your alley right now (we can't all be Todd Talbot!), there are likely plenty of ways to liven up and improve your space.

It's important to remember that how you feel at home impacts your overall well-being, especially given the fact that, these days, everyone is at home on the regular.

So, tackle that project! Whether it's reorganizing a bookshelf, decluttering your closet, clearing out that junk drawer or totally shifting your living room furniture around, you'll feel so much lighter once you're done.

Try Out A New Recipe

Even if you're not the savviest when it comes to cooking, everyone can improve their skills in the kitchen with a new recipe. Not only are you caring for yourself by getting in the zone and escaping reality (even for just a little while), but you'll be rewarded with delicious home-cooked food afterwards too.

A fun way to try this is by thinking of your favourite restaurant or a place you're dying to visit and trying out cuisine from the area. If you want to go all out with three courses, try enjoying an appetizer before your meal, and don’t forget to pair it all with a bottle of Heineken 0.0 (which is only 70 calories, by the by).

After all, this alcohol-free beer’s fresh and smooth flavour profile makes it a perfect match for practically any type of cuisine. Whether it's gumbo, pad Thai, or Irish stew, your tastebuds and housemates will thank you. So next time you’re buying groceries, make sure to pick up a pack of Heineken for your fridge, so you can always add that extra flavour to your meals.

Engage Your Brain

Self-care is about taking care of your whole self, which includes your mind.

What you take in and how you think about and approach everything impacts your growth, so keeping your mind sharp and engaged is key. Do this with games like sudoku, puzzles or crosswords, or learn something new through books, podcasts and documentaries.

What else do you want to do more of this year? Now's the time to seize the day and look after yourself. Submit your ideas below!

These self-care ideas and Heineken 0.0 can help you to do more of what you love in 2021, not less.

With a great-tasting, alcohol-free alternative, you can enjoy more beer this year — during any of these (or other) self-care activities, post-workout or over a virtual happy hour. Even if you're not necessarily abstaining from alcohol but are simply seeking moderation, Heineken 0.0 helps you do just that.

Since Heineken 0.0 is available across most major grocery banners across Canada, this healthier, guilt-free option is always within your reach.

To learn more about Heineken 0.0, check out the Heineken website or find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.