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8 DIY Ideas To Transition Your Summer Patio & Home Into A Fall Paradise

String lights, privacy screens, fire pits and more.

8 DIY Ideas To Transition Your Summer Patio & Home Into A Fall Paradise

Who says patio season is reserved for summer? With moderate weather, fewer bugs and the opportunity to make your patio, front deck or balcony as welcoming as possible before winter hits, fall is actually the perfect time to transform your outdoor space.

If you have a whole Pinterest board full of cozy patio ideas and inspiration but don't know where to start, The Home Depot Canada can help you get the job done. With advice, YouTube tutorials, the best brands in home improvement and even tool rentals, its online resources and in-store, orange-apron experts will help your DIY dreams become a proud reality.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get started? The Home Depot Canada has eight great projects to help you decorate your patio autumn-style. Once you see how easy building or refreshing something yourself is, you'll be hooked.

A Privacy Screen To Make Your Backyard Or Balcony A VIP Hangout

When you have neighbours who live nearby it can be tricky to make your outdoor space feel intimate and personal. That's why The Visionary Husbands, Stephen and Branden, set out to add a little privacy with a DIY screen that combined utility and gorgeous styling in one.

With only an idea of what they wanted to build, and unsure of how to achieve it, they went to their local The Home Depot Canada location and sought expertise from the pro desk.

Thanks to the staff, finding durable paints, renting tools and learning about dimensional lumber a breeze, and soon they had a beautiful screen that added a hint of cozy to their outdoor space.

A Front Deck Overhaul To Up The Welcoming Vibes

East Coast DIY-er Sheridan saw her worn-out entry decking was sad and unbecoming, and she wanted to give it a refresh. With the help of a free deck consultation, she learned about the right materials to use and how to cut them to fit her space. That was how Sheridan turned her tired front deck into a clean and modern walkway.

After consulting with The Home Depot Canada's in-store experts, Sheridan used composite decking for the high-traffic area to ensure longevity. Now, she has a durable and stylish spot to welcome visitors.

A Mini Greenhouse For Farm-To-Table Herbs & Veggies From Your Backyard

After scrolling The Home Depot Canada's Ideas & How-To page for some garden inspiration, West Coast-based DIY-er Joan knew that a backyard greenhouse was the project for her family.

Sourcing all materials online, Joan scheduled a pickup time in store and took the opportunity to chat with the garden-centre associates to learn some tips and tricks for her new veg and herb garden.

With this knowledge in hand, Joan and her family built the greenhouse over a weekend. If you complete this DIY in the fall, you'll be reaping the benefits with fresh herbs and veggies come spring.

Build Your Own Fire Pit For Cozy Autumn Evenings

Courtesy of The Home Depot Canada

This DIY is really a year-round gem, but if you spent the summer without a backyard fire pit, why wait another season? With a little help from The Home Depot Canada, some basic tools and a spare weekend, this beginner-friendly project will have you roasting s'mores to your heart's content.

In seven simple steps, you'll be wowing your family, friends and neighbours with your revitalized outdoor oasis. Plus, if you need a little extra support, the experts in orange are happy to talk you through the project and pick out the perfect fire pit shape and fuel type for you.

Upcycle Paint Cans Into Whimsical Lanterns

Brightening up your backyard doesn't have to be costly. Chances are you have a few old paint cans lying around from your other DIY projects already. With a drill, some LED lights and a lick of paint, you can use them to light up your outdoors in a snap.

One pro tip for drilling into your paint cans is to freeze them full of water before you start so that they don't give under the pressure of the drill. After drilling, it's time to spray paint them.

The colour is totally up to you — be it bright and bold, modern and minimal, or gold and auburn to really bring the autumn vibes home. Finally, add your candles and bask in the ambiance.

Craft The Perfect String Light Canopy Wherever You Like

Twinkle lights are the peak of cozy backyard style, but not every outdoor space has the right tree-branch fence posts to make it easy to string up lights. When the elements just aren't where you need them, you can DIY your own poles using concrete and lumber.

With 2x2s and a stain of your choice, you're already halfway to having the light canopy of your dreams. Use forming tubes and concrete mix to create sturdy supports and voilà!

If you get stuck, don't hesitate to reach out to an apron-wearing expert when picking up your supplies in store. They'll be able to help you make important choices, like whether solar-powered or plug-in lights are best for your project.

Refresh Your Exterior With Chic Colours & Finishes

Whether you're a new or seasoned homeowner, you know that curb appeal is important whether you're staying for a while or planning to sell in the future. Just because your pre-loved home came with builder's oak cabinets and brass trimmings doesn't mean those things have to stay that way — even outdoors.

Replacing your external light fixtures, house numbers and accents may not be in the budget this fall, but with high-quality spray paint, you can make a big difference for a small price. The Home Depot Canada's YouTube is full of all sorts of inspiring projects like this, so be sure to check out their channel.

Get Your Mind Off Of Your Gutters & Keep Your Outdoor Space Clean

Sometimes DIY can be a more functional project — aimed at reducing the time needed for those chores you just don't enjoy, like cleaning your gutters. But did you know that neglecting them could lead to water damage? By installing gutter guards, you can protect your home and take the edge off a dreaded chore at the same time.

These tutorials offer tips and tricks for cleaning gutters and clearing your downspout, and the in-store, orange-apron experts can guide you through selecting and installing guards.

However small or large a project you're thinking of tackling, The Home Depot Canada will be there every step of the way. Helpful resources like YouTube tutorials, a "how-to" blog and even tool, vehicle and large-equipment rentals can help give you the confidence you need to start your next DIY project.

Find more DIY inspiration at The Home Depot Canada's website or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

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