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9 Gifts Every Pet Parent Can Get Their Furbabies For The Holidays This Year

Reward your quarantine partners.

Every holiday season we spoil our friends and family with exciting gifts and surprises. And with the season approaching fast, everyone is finishing up their shopping and decorating. But what about your furbabies? Have you thought about how you're going to spoil your beloved pets yet?

As our most loyal companions and friends, every animal deserves a holiday treat this year. No matter what shape, size or type of pet you have, PetSmart Canada has a large list of holiday-themed gifts, clothing, treats and toys to brighten every pet's day. And yes—this list includes guinea pigs, lizards, fish and more.

There are so many adorable gifts available that we thought we'd highlight a few favorites (and pair these favs with adorable pet pics). And, if you think you’d love to spoil your favourite pet, you can enter to win one of 10 PetSmart gift cards, worth $25 each, right here:

At the end of the day, whether you're here for the gifts or the pics, here are nine ideas to inspire every pet parent this holiday season.

Spoil Your Pet With A Cheerful, Unique Holiday Treat

Has your pup been naughty or nice? They've been nice, of course! For the holidays, treat them with PetSmart's gourmet dog treats. They have many kinds of treats available, but the Merry and Bright Xmas Mug cookie is perfect for the holiday theme. This treat is hand-made with the best ingredients, including whole wheat flour, cinnamon, oat hulls, flaxseed meal and more. Other holiday dog treats include a reindeer-shaped cookie, Santa cookie, and candy cane cookie.

Not a dog owner? No problem. PetSmart has treats available for other animals too. Check out this gingerbread man wood chew for guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and other small friends.

Get Your BFF (Best Furry Friend) A Stocking That Doubles As A Chew Toy

When you hang your stockings over the fireplace, does your furbaby have one too? If not, PetSmart has the perfect option for dogs: it's a stocking that's also a chew toy.

This toy has a squeaker inside, and there's a little surprise in each one. It's the doggy holiday gift that keeps on giving!

Holiday-ify Your Pet's Chew Toy Situation

For the bigger pups out there (don't worry—you're just as cute as the small pups), we know small toys won't work. Thankfully, PetSmart also has holiday toys available in extra-large sizes, like this 34-inch candy cane plush dog toy.

Not only does the candy cane have a squeaker inside, but it's also full of crinkly material that keeps dogs entertained for hours. As an added bonus, this toy is so cute that it's the perfect addition to an adorable holiday photo.

Keep Your Doggos Warm This Holiday Season With Their Own Flannel 

You know how comfortable flannels are from Beaver Canoe, right? They're so cozy. And, thanks to PetSmart and Beaver Canoe, your dog can be just as cozy with a red plaid woven shirt.

Not only will it keep your dog warm on all their outdoor adventures during the winter, but this shirt comes in all dog sizes. From X-small to XXX-large, any pup can dress up in this soft flannel. Dogs can be just as stylish as humans!

Throw An Ugly Christmas Sweater On EVERY Member Of The Family

It's common to see sweaters and shirts for cats and dogs, but what about our bearded dragon friends? In typical PetSmart fashion, they didn't forget about other animals.

So yes—there is even a holiday sweater available for bearded dragons. This ugly holiday sweater says "Merry and Bright," and it slips on and off easily for comfortable wear. Even though it says ugly in the title, it's actually 100% cute on all reptiles!

... And Yes, That Includes Guinea Pigs

Of course, we also can't forget to get festive with our guinea pigs too. There's a happy holidays guinea pig sweater available.

Featuring little snowmen and holiday presents, this sweater is easy to put on, and you can adjust its fit so it stays snug. Although it's designed for guinea pigs, this sweater can fit on all small animals of a similar size. We love to see all this holiday cheer!

Get Your Furbabies Their Own Holiday Pajama Set 

One of the best parts of the holidays is staying in your pajamas all day, lounging around with your family and embracing the coziness of it all.

Your furbaby shouldn't be left out of cozy season, so make sure you gift them a pajama set so they can join in on the fun! These PetSmart pet pajamas are a fun fair isle pattern and come in sizes X-small to X-large. Your pet will thank you!

Brighten Your Kitty's Day With A Mr. And Mrs. Claus 2-Pack Cat Toy

Cats may have a reputation for being lazy, but if you give them the right toy they will go wild. Help your kitty get active over the holidays with a holiday-inspired toy.

PetSmart has a 2-pack holiday cat toy with mouses dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. The best part of these toys is that they contain catnip, so even the laziest of cats will run around and play with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Give Your Fish Tank The Festive Makeover It So Desperately Deserves

If you don't have fur babies but instead have fish babies, PetSmart has some holiday treats for them too. Just like you decorate your house, you can decorate your fish's home with holiday-inspired aquarium ornaments. PetSmart has a large variety, such as a penguin and igloo ornament, a car with a tree ornament, a gingerbread surfer ornament and more. Don't forget to give your fish tank the holiday sparkle it needs this season.

PetSmart has so many awesome and adorable products. In fact, they're the largest pet specialty retailer in Canada, so you’re more than in good hands when you want to spoil your favourite family member(s) (AKA your pets)!

If you're interested in any of the above pet gifts (come on, how cute is that guinea pig sweater!?), you can order from PetSmart.ca and get them delivered to your door for free with same-day shipping (powered by DoorDash). Happy holidays to you and your furbabies!

To learn more about PetSmart's Season of Spoiling and holiday gifts, check out their website. See all the cutest holiday animal photos on their Instagram profile or Facebook page.