A Guy Smashed $5M Worth Of Art At A Museum & Police Say He Was 'Mad At His Girl'

He was looking for stuff to smash.

Ancient greek artifact from the Museum. Right: A couple taking a stroll around the Dallas Museum of Art.
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Ancient greek artifact from the Museum. Right: A couple taking a stroll around the Dallas Museum of Art.

Dallas Museum of Art, @Dallasmuseumart | Instagram

Have you ever been so mad or heartbroken that you decided to break into a museum and smash $5 million worth of historical artifacts?

Police say a man stormed into the Dallas Museum of Art on Wednesday night and destroyed $5 million worth of ancient artifacts in a smashing spree.

His reasoning? He was “mad at his girl,” police said.

The suspect “forcibly entered” the museum and smashed through several protective glass casings before breaking the artifacts within, police told Fox 7 Austin.

"His purpose was to get his anger exercised with the smashing," a museum spokesperson told the broadcaster.

He smashed three ancient Greek artifacts, including a sixth-century bowl called a black-figure kylix; a fifth-century cylindrical container with a lid called a red-figure pyxis; and a sixth-century tall jar with two handles called a ceramic amphora, reported The New York Times.

The oldest object he destroyed dates back to 450 BC.

The museum’s director of security and operations, Kenneth Bennett, told NBC News that the suspect caused damage worth $5.2 million.

According to a statement released by the museum, police arrested the suspect shortly after the spree started and no one was harmed.

The museum called it “an isolated incident perpetrated by one individual acting alone, whose intent was not theft of art or any objects on view at the museum.”

“However, some works of art were damaged, and we are still in the process of assessing the extent of the damages,” the museum said in its statement.

Despite what happened, the museum was still open to the public the following day at its regular time, although some sections were blocked off from the public.

Brian Hernandez, 21, is facing a felony charge of criminal mischief, according to Dallas police.

His "girl" apparently had nothing to do with the museum, according to reports. It's also unclear if she's still his "girl" after the incident.

The whole thing happened just days after a man dressed as an old woman in a wheelchair threw cake at the Mona Lisa at the Louvre museum.

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