A recent incident involving an Alberta bear attack left a hiker defenceless. 

According to an email sent to Narcity by Alberta Environment and Parks, a 61-year-old male hiker was walking through the woods near Pasque Mountain on Tuesday, September 29, when he came across a mother bear and her cubs. 

The mother bear allegedly swatted the hiker and knocked him down to the ground. He didn't have time to use his bear spray. A good reminder to keep it out and readily accessible. 

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We know that a female bear with a cub is going to attack to protect her cub

Chelsey Chapman, Alberta Environment and Parks spokesperson 

The man then put his arm up and the bear grabbed him by the elbow. 

The hiker began playing dead and eventually, the bear dropped him and ran off. 

He laid there for about 10 minutes before getting up and walking 30 minutes back to the car to take himself to the hospital. 

The spokesperson with Alberta Environment and Parks said playing dead when being attacked by a mother grizzly defending her cubs will work but will not come in handy during a predatory bear attack.

Alberta is known for bear sightings and two of the nation's toughest bears including Split Lip and The Boss both come from the province. 

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