Canada's Toughest Bears Named 'The Boss' & 'Split Lip' Had An Intense Standoff (VIDEO)

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Canada's Toughest Bears Named 'The Boss' & 'Split Lip' Had An Intense Standoff (VIDEO)

Two of Banff’s most notorious bears had a bit of a run-in on Friday, July 3. “The Boss” and “ Split Lip” are the nicknames of the two bears in the encounter and someone was actually able to see it happen right in front of them. The aftermath of it all was captured on camera. 

The Boss and Split Lip are two of Canada’s most famous bears. 

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Known for being the toughest and the biggest, these two have looked death in the eye in the past and come out on top. 

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before the two crossed paths and a showdown ensued.

That’s exactly what happened on July 3. 

According to CBC News, a wildlife photographer named John E. Marriott caught this once in a lifetime encounter on camera right next to his campsite.

He recounted the story on his blog, saying that he was out camping with his family when they all got the front row show of their life.  

On that wild night in July, Marriott and his son made a trip to the recycling bin that was not far from the campsite. That’s when they saw Split Lip walking through an empty campground. 

Split Lip didn’t seem to pay them much attention and headed right for a delicious snack of dandelions that was next to the family's campsite, recounted the blog post.  

Marriott and his family loaded into the vehicle for safety and that's when they saw the second bear, The Boss

At the time, Marriot recalled to CBC News that the bear had fresh wounds on his body.  

He claimed the bears were about 20 metres apart when The Boss made the first move and jolted towards Split Lip.

According to his blog, The Boss was only able to swipe at Split Lip once before the two took off racing down the road. 

Marriott was able to capture this part on video. 

In the YouTube video, you can see The Boss chasing Split Lip down the highway as they weave in and out of the ditch.

Marriott and his family took their vehicle and moved along so they could watch The Boss chase Split Lip for about three kilometres down the Parkway. 

Calling it a “Battle of the Titans,” Marriott and his family have no doubt in their minds that Banff’s biggest and baddest bear is still The Boss. 

This isn’t all that surprising considering this bear has been hit by a legit train on what is believed to be more than one occasion. 

But this doesn’t mean Split Lip is any less scary. On several occasions, this bear was caught eating other bears.

Needless to say, these to famous bears make all other grizzlies look like teddy bears. 

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