Canada Has Closed A Loophole That Allowed People To Not Wear Masks At Airports

Passengers need to prove why they can't wear one.
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Masks At Airports In Canada Are Mandatory & Now You Need A Doctor's Note To Not Wear One

Have a doctor's note ready if you're trying to get on a plane without a face covering. Wearing masks at airports in Canada is mandatory and now the government has closed a loophole that allowed people to not wear them. You could be denied boarding because of this.

Transport Canada issued an interim order on August 7 about requirements when it comes to air travel throughout the country because of COVID-19.

It closed a loophole that allowed people to get around the mandatory face-covering rule at airports.

With this order, a person doesn't have to wear a mask if there is a medical reason as to why they can't do so.

However, people now have to actually prove that.

They'll only be allowed to not wear a mask if they can show a medical certificate that confirms they aren't able to wear one because of a medical reason.

So people basically have to provide a doctor's note at Canadian airports if they want to travel without covering their faces.

Infants, people who can't remove their mask without assistance and others are exempt from the rule along with those who can prove there's a medical reason to not wear one.

WestJet tweeted that it is supporting Transport Canada's order, effective August 11.

"Any guest who is unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition must present an official medical note from a physician specifying their exemption to the regulation to be permitted to fly," the airline said.

If someone can't show a doctor's note, they'll be denied boarding on their WestJet flight.

Face coverings were made mandatory for air travellers in Canada back in April.

Airlines like WestJet and Air Canada said they would enforce those rules at check-in and on planes.

While there's a mandatory mask rule in Toronto, people are exempt from it if they have a medical reason for not wearing one.

Unlike airports now, no proof is needed but fake exemption cards have actually been given out to people.

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