This Tropical Bar In Texas Serves Massive Fruity Cocktails ​& One Comes In A Table-Sized Boat

Even the regular drinks are huge.

The tropical decor at Tiki Tatsu-Ya. Right: A drink served with smoke.
Texas Staff Writer

The tropical decor at Tiki Tatsu-Ya. Right: A drink served with smoke.

On your journey to this establishment, you'll probably feel like you've been transported to an island where the drinks are extra fruity, the vegetation is lush, and time moves a little slower — not many bars in Austin can do that.

We're talking about Tiki Tatsu-Ya, a tropical food and drink bar in ATX's Zilker neighborhood. The whole experience there is pretty immersive, and it'll only take one mouthful of their delectable bites or sips of their famous shareable cocktails to convince you you're far away from Texas.

Those ginormous drinks we mentioned earlier are quite the selling point for most who visit because they're actually perfectly-sized for a whole group of friends.

Who can resist alcoholic beverages served in things like a huge rum barrel garnished with a lime set ablaze, or a glass globe with steamy dry ice bubbling from it?

We can't forget to talk about the iconic Skeleton Cruise drink served in a table-sized wooden boat that comes with straws for up to six people to share. It's the largest drink on the menu filled with Japanese whisky and rum.

You can expect nothing less from the bar, which is the brainchild of Austin's authentic Japanese ramen and Izakaya cooking godfather: Tatsu Aikawa. He opened this bar following the success of his authentic noddle spot in north-central Austin, Ramen Tatsu-ya.

Aikawa even serves as the head chef of Tiki Tatsu-Ya's kitchen, serving up gorgeous-looking appetizers and entrees.

Tiki Tatsu-Ya

Price: The shareable drinks range from $24 to $99.

Cuisine: Polynesian and Japanese

Address: 1300 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX

Why You Need To Go: The gorgeous cocktails look like works of art!


Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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