A Gay Man In Texas Says Straight Women Shouldn't Be At LGBTQ Bars & He's Getting So Much Heat

His TikTok account is now gone.

Jen stitching @cherubex's TikTok video. Right: Jen in the viral TikTok.
Texas Staff Writer

Jen stitching @cherubex's TikTok video. Right: Jen in the viral TikTok.

A gay man from Texas recently made a social media post stating that straight women shouldn’t be welcomed to enjoy LGBTQ establishments like clubs and bars.

TikTok user @cherubex shared his experience at an Austin, TX bar and said he threw a bride's bachelorette party crown off her head because she offered his partner a drink she didn't like.

His account was deleted from the social media app, and it is unknown if this was related to the heated backlash he got. However, TikTok users like Jen (@kreativ.jen) used the original video to share their thoughts — and people aren't very happy with the man’s opinions.


THE THINLY VEILED MISOGYNY OF 💅 MEN #greenscreenvideo #misogynistic #austintexas

In the reposted clip, the man describes the couple and some friends once attended a "gay night" at a spot where a bachelorette party was also taking place. The pair encountered the bride at the bar, and he says she exclaimed the cocktail she bought was off-putting.

According to @cherubex, the bride then turned to the couple and asked if his boyfriend would like it.

"I looked at this f***ing b**** like 'how dare you?'" the user explained. "A moment ago you said how disgusting it is, and you're offering it to my boyfriend?"

Moments after, he apparently plucked the bride's crown off her head, threw it "as far as he could" across the room, and called her a c*** while looking into her teary eyes.

Many viewers are outraged in the comment section of Jen's video.

The comment section of Jen's TikTok.The comment section of Jen's TikTok.kreativ.jen | TikTok

Some people even expressed their dislike towards bridal party celebrations, but say they’re against the treatment the bride received.

"God I hate bachelorette parties but this made me so sad for her 🥺," one user commented. "People think he also forgets that lesbians can have bach parties too."

The woman's post is captioned "thinly veiled misogyny of gay men." Jen believes the poster wouldn't have done that to another man in the same situation.

"Straight men in Texas bars, they're gonna throw some hands, and that, my friend, is likely a check you are unable to cash." She said as if talking straight to @cherubx.

"It's the exact same reason why that girl did not throw hands at you; why she left the situation in tears because you are bigger and stronger than her."

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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