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You Can Eat 15 Dozen Oysters For Only $10 At This Alabama Seafood Spot

If you can complete the challenge in an hour!

Food challenges can be intimidating, thrilling, and sometimes even just a little weird. But a good challenge will evoke all kinds of emotions in participators and onlookers alike, and the oyster challenge at Acme Oyster House in Alabama is no exception. If you can down 15 dozen oysters within the time limit, not only will you win all the glory and some prizes, but you’ll be contributing to a good cause too!

Acme Oyster House is known for its fresh, delicious seafood. What you might not know is that it's a good place to show off your iron will — not to mention your iron stomach.

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This Retro Alabama Bar Looks Just Like Your Mom's Basement

You'll feel like you're in "That '70s Show."

This goes out to everyone who is still living in their parent's basement: it's time to leave the nest. Though don't fret, you can take those first steps of freedom while still feeling right at home at this Alabama bar. Mom's Basement is a quirky watering hole with major That 70s Show vibes and will make you feel like you never left home.

This unique dive bar in Birmingham has all the creature comforts of a suburban home in the 70s, including a wacky floral couch that's guaranteed to clash with your outfit. The walls of Mom's Basement are overly decorated with framed photos of real moms, and the fridge is covered with an absurd amount of magnets. It is truly a tacky masterpiece. 

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There's A Secret 1920s-Themed Speakeasy Hidden Behind A Blue Phone Booth In Alabama

What's the password?

The experience of stumbling across a hidden gem in your town —or even the level of difficulty accessing it— can make a hang out spot even more special. It gives you that exclusive “if you know, you know” vibe. In Birmingham, Alabama, one such spot exists —but you’ll have to find it first. Hidden inside a Dr. Who-inspired Tardis telephone booth, you’ll discover The Marble Ring, a 1920s inspired speakeasy.

So if you're wondering how to get there, your first stop will be at Hot Diggity Dog’s on 41st Street South. Don't forget to stop for some delicious hotdogs before you enter the Tardis.

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This Adorable Alabama Beach Bar Is Made Entirely From Recycled Shipping Containers

Beach bum style is the best style.

After a long hiking trek or a busy day of running errands, what better way wind down in the evening than to indulge in a truly unique and delicious dining experience? If you're looking for the perfect place to relax your feet and grab something to eat, Alabama bar, The Gulf, is where it’s at. With views of Perdido Pass, savory seafood, and  — arguably the coolest part — a building crafted from recycled shipping containers, this seaside nook is bound to be your favorite future summer night hang out.

With locations in both Orange Beach and Okaloosa Island, you can catch the freshest local ingredients and dreamy seaside views in both the Sunshine State and the Heart of Dixie.

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