Canadians Are More Burned Out At Work Than The Rest Of The World & People Are Stressed

People are feeling exhausted, stressed and isolated.
Burnout In Canada Because Of Work Is More Than The Rest Of The World
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When it comes to burnout in Canada because of work, the country is feeling it more than the rest of the world, according to new data.

Microsoft has put out its first Work Trend Index, which analyzes the shift to remote work and, now, the move to hybrid work, where some people are at home and others are at the workplace.

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Respondents are "trending more toward burnout" during the workday, with 47% feeling exhausted versus 39% globally and 51% feeling stressed versus 42%.

Also, people here are "more likely to feel isolated" while working, with 36% experiencing isolation compared to the global average of 27%.

Recent data from Indeed about Canada's workforce suggests that over half of Canadians feel comfortable making demands to their employer now compared to less than half before the pandemic.

Lisa Belmonte
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