If you've been looking for beautiful properties in B.C. that are still somewhat affordable, you've hit the jackpot. This cabin for sale in B.C. is set by surreal emerald waters that'll leave you feeling both dazzled and refreshed. Each room in this cabin can become your very own lookout. 

Whether you're actually in the market for an incredible property or you just like to live out those dreams vicariously by scrolling through the photos, there's something in it for you here. 

The cabin is located in the town of 100 Mile House, which is in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. Locals will know that this region is home to a bunch of other spectacular properties situated in the heart of natural paradise. 

The drive from downtown Vancouver will be just under five hours on the shortest route. So you can say the cabin is far enough to help you escape the hustle and bustle. 

But it's close enough that if you do need to return to the city, it won't take you a whole day. 

The 744-square-foot cabin is right by Sulphurous Lake.

As the listing puts in, "This 0.59 acre forested backyard with 94’ feet of crystal clear waterfront will not disappoint, and you'll be out enjoying the great outdoors all day and evening." 

Kelly Grimes | FSBO Real Estate Inc.

We have a feeling the sparkling waters of this lake will keep you glued to your viewing deck the whole time. 

The backyard of this cabin itself leads to a bunch of hiking trails through nearby woods and mountains. 

The cabin is also a tiny staircase away from the lakeshores. You've probably secured yourself the best sunset spot in town. 

Kelly Grimes | FSBO Real Estate Inc.

The log-style cabin on its own looks super cozy, so being indoors will prove to be just as appealing as being outdoors. 

The cabin comes furnished and has a master bedroom and a  loft inside. There's also a banquette on the main floor that can function as a lovely reading nook or sleeping spot if you so desire. 

It's being called a "turnkey cabin," which in real estate lingo, means that you don't have to worry about any construction, renovation, or extra arrangements, according to Realtor

Kelly Grimes | FSBO Real Estate Inc.

The house is on sale for $389,000.

B.C. has amazing destinations where you can the most unforgettable views. But few of them are right next to an affordable home. 

This cabin in the Cariboo is truly a rarity in that sense. 

Cabin In The Cariboo

Price: $389,000

Address: 7726 Laing Rd., 100 Mile House, BC

Description: A gorgeous, adorable cabin situated by staggering views of Sulphurous Lake. 

Kelly Grimes | FSBO Real Estate Inc.

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