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Heat Warnings Are In Effect For Parts Of Alberta & It's Hotter Than Mexico Right Now

Albertans are being warned of dangeriously hot tempratures.

Alberta's weather is looking seriously spicy right now and as of Monday, June 14, Environment Canada has issued heat warnings for a big chunk of the province.

Stretching across the far eastern and southern parts of Alberta as well as across a huge portion of Saskatchewan, weather warnings are advising locals to schedule outdoor activities for the cooler hours of the day, drink tons of water and take breaks from the heat.

Environment Canada

According to The Weather Network, Calgary could see a high of 31 C on Monday with an overnight high of 14 C.

Meanwhile, Mexico City is looking at a high of 20 C. Alberta and Saskatchewan are the only places in Canada with heat warnings currently in effect, and temperatures of this nature are expected to last for the next three days, says Environment Canada.

While the extreme heat warnings are slated to end on Tuesday, this type of sweltering weather can be quite dangerous. "Pay particular attention to individuals that can experience earlier or more severe effects from heat including infants, children, seniors, and individuals with pre-existing lung, heart, kidney, nervous system, mental health or diabetic conditions, outdoor workers, as well as those who are socially isolated," says the alert.