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8 Classic Calgary Dudes You Will Find On Every Damn Dating App

Just kidding, but seriously. 👀
Dating In Calgary: 8 Classic Dudes You Will Find On Every Damn Dating App

It's no longer taboo to meet someone on a dating app. Seriously, if you met on Tinder, you don't need to tell people you "met through friends" anymore. We see you. If you've ever been on the market and dating in Calgary, we're willing to bet that you've encountered a few prototypes of that dude. While everyone's unique and special like a snowflake (no offence intended, millennials), we're willing to bet that you've come across these characters.

We all know them, we've all bumped into them at the bar, and we've all seen them during our last swiping session.

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Alberta is a whole different world. There's unique slang, trends, and people that you simply can't find anywhere else.

While some of the population have super B.C. vibes, others lean more towards the Prairies, and some are just full-blown 'Berta. 

Because dating in this province is a wild ride, we've decided to round up some of the classic guys you'll come across on dating apps in Calgary. While they vary a bit between the apps, let's be real, it's all the same. 

Guy With A Fish 

This guy comes up a lot. You simply can't hop on a dating app and not see a man proudly presenting a fish that he's (presumably) just caught. It comes in two poses, either the crouched-down two-hand presentation or the standing finger-through-the-lip pose.

The Transformer

We call this guy the transformer because all of his photos are so truck-focused that he basically is a truck himself. We're unsure if we're looking at Optimus Prime or just a really, really, really proud truck owner.

Humble Tall Guy

This guy's bio reads "6'2 if that matters." Or "Apparently we're supposed to put our height? I'm 6'4." We know what you're up to, tall guy.

Trying To Be Wholesome Guy

This guy has some cute pictures of him reading, playing an instrument, holding a baby, making pour-over coffee, or eating some iteration of avocado toast. He thinks he knows exactly what husband-material looks like but somehow he's slightly missing the mark on everything. His bio will definitely say something about cuddling.

Finance Bro

This guy is long graduated but his energy still screams "U of C." He's wearing suits in most of his photos except for one where he's doing an outdoor activity to prove that he's fun. It will never be fully clear what his job is.

"Looking For My Adventure Partner" Guy

This guy moved to Calgary to be close to the mountains. He leaves the city every weekend, hikes, loves skiing, and at least one of his photos is at the summit of a mountain. From Monday to Friday he's a pretty standard Calgary guy.

The "I Have A Dog" Guy

This guy is not only obsessed with his dog, but he's certain that it's the way to your heart. The dog appears in most of his photos and the words "dog dad" or "fur baby" might even appear in his bio.

The ... Guy

This is the most standard, forgettable person on earth. He has a generic name and job that will both fall out of your memory immediately. He's entirely unoffensive but just the most basic, normal, "guy" guy there is.

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