A new season means a new wardrobe, new weather, and new adventures to be had. While fall can be a great time to sit inside and chill, it's also the perfect time to get out and explore. In order to make sure you make the most of this colourful season, we came up with a list of amazing hikes around Alberta that you need to add to your bucket list. 

Get out your warm clothes and hiking boots. It's time to start planning your ideal fall

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Hiking in the province is amazing and we're incredibly lucky that we get to do it any time of year. 

But arguably the best time to go is during the fall

When the weather cools down and the leaves begin to change, it gives the scenery around Alberta an entirely new vibe. 

While there are literally dozens of hikes to do around the province, we came up with a list of nine that we think are the best to do during fall. 

From waterfalls and caves to mountain peaks and wildlife, these nine spots have it all. 

Some are rated difficult so be sure to know what you're getting into before you head out. 

Coulee Viewpoint Trail 

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 1 km

Address: County of Newell, AB

Why You Need To Go: This brief trail will make you feel like you’re in Jurassic Park. The canyons are stunning and it’s like Canada’s version of the Grand Canyon. You may even be able to find a fossil if you look hard enough.

Aylmer Lookout

Difficulty: Hard

Length: 23.3 km

Address: Banff, AB

Why You Need To Go: Fair warning, this will be a difficult hike but the views are worth it. When you get up to the top, you will be treated to a gorgeous turquoise lake. Right in the middle of it is possibly one of the biggest mountains ever. Stop, breathe, and take it all in.

The Valley Of The Ten Peaks 

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 10 km

Address: Banff, AB

Why You Need To Go: At one point in time, this view was printed on the back of the $20 bill. Photos of this spot don’t do it justice and it’s something you need to see with your own eyes. And yes, you’ll see 10 mountain peaks.

Maligne Canyon 

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 3.4 km

Address: Jasper, AB

Why You Need To Go: This hike has it all including lush forests, suspension bridges, rushing water, and staggering canyons. Just be sure to stay on the trail. Don’t worry, the path will give you optimal views of everything.

Cory Pass

Difficulty: Hard

Length: 13 km

Address: Banff, AB

Why You Need To Go: Calling all advanced hikers. This hike will have you living out your rocky mountain dream and it’s so worth the intense cardio workout. There’s also a good chance you’ll see wildlife on this trail so be sure to clean up after yourself and keep an eye out.

Sunwapta Falls

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 1.3 km

Address: Jasper, AB

Why You Need To Go: Located along the Icefields Parkway, the drive alone to get there is worth every minute. Taking you to a massive waterfall, this moderate hike isn't an all-day adventure unless you want it to be.

Plain of Six Glaciers 

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 14.6 km

Address: Lake Louise, AB

Why You Need To Go: While this hike is rated moderate, it can be difficult for some. The Lake Louise path will take you to the heart of the Mount Lefroy and Victoria Glacier area so be prepared for otherworldly views.

Troll Falls

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 3.4 km

Address: Kananaskis Improvement, AB

Why You Need To Go: Good for all skill levels, this hike offers you amazing views and you don’t have to spend all day getting to them. There’s even a waterfall on the path so keep a lookout. If you’re eager, take a bathing suit and go for a dip. Fair warning, it will be chilly.

Vimy Peak

Difficulty: Hard

Length: 18.8 km

Address: Improvement District No. 4, AB

Why You Need To Go: This spot is only recommended for very experienced hikers. You’ll need to make sure you have the proper gear and plenty of water. Dogs are allowed so if Fido is up for the challenge, feel free to tote them along.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.