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Hollywood superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recently shared his love for Canada and gave a special shoutout to his time playing for the Calgary Stampeders.

Johnson, who kicked off a CFL career playing for the Stamps in the 90s, called the experience "one of the most defining periods" in his life in a recent video on Instagram.

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Comedian and actor Andrew Phung has hit stardom after starring in huge Canadian TV shows like Kim's Convenience but despite being a big-time celebrity, he doesn't shy away from sharing his love for his hometown of Calgary.

Speaking at the Calgary Expo, Phung opened up about his latest series, Run The Burbs, calling it a "love letter to Calgary."

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A TikToker who made the move to Canada from Cape Town, South Africa is getting real about what she wishes she had known before the change.

Selebogo Theledi is an international student in Calgary and is sharing some insights into her new home that will probably help some other people out there know what they're getting into.

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For all you Torontonians tired of the big city life, and the price tag that comes along with it — Alberta might be calling.

A TikToker traded in Toronto for Calgary and made a video about why she's not looking back. People on TikTok were here for her points, some even considering a move themselves.

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A TikToker from the U.K. packed her bags and headed to Canada almost a year ago and she just shared some of the key things she's learned along the way.

People on TikTok are chiming in about her unique observations, which cover everything from provincial pride to the use of the maple leaf.

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