Dwayne Johnson Shared His Special Connection To Canada & Why He Loves The Country So Much

"There's so much about Canada that means so much to me."

Dwayne Johnson talking about his love for Canada.

Dwayne Johnson talking about his love for Canada.

Dwayne Johnson recently shared some major love for Canada and how he cut his teeth in the country before making it big.

On May 1, the Black Adam actor posted a video to his Instagram explaining just what Canada means to him.

"As many of you know, Canada will always hold a very special place in my heart, in my bones," Johnson said. "I mean, my dad, my old man was born in Canada — the 'Soul Man' Rocky Johnson, in Nova Scotia. Amherst, Nova Scotia."

He explained that his dad's wrestling career is what led to Johnson becoming "The Rock."

"As you guys know, I followed in his footsteps and I became a pro wrestler, and all throughout Canada — I wrestled in every major city throughout Canada," Johnson shared.

"I dropped blood and sweat, man, in every major city and a lot of small cities and small towns all throughout Canada too," he continued.

"The memories were incredible," said the Red Notice actor. "And I cut my bones, I cut my teeth, and I made my bones all throughout Canada, man."

Johnson also shared that his infamous fanny pack photo was taken in Canada before a wrestling match.

"And that picture went on, of course, to become iconic," he said. "So obviously, a lot of great memories of Canada."

The reason for Johnson's kind words was due to the fact that his energy drink ZOA is going to be released across the country for "Canadian ZOA Warriors to enjoy."

As well as the great memories in Canada, Johnson actually claimed Canadian citizenship when he was 37 due to his dad's connection to the country.

And he's not the only big-name celeb to have citizenship — Elon Musk, Anna Paquin and Kim Cattrall also hold that distinction.

Canadians — they're everywhere!

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Sarah Rohoman
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