An Ontario photographer has captured Lake Simcoe looking its best. Kevin Biskaborn recorded a school of Lake Simcoe fish creating a kind of underwater kaleidoscope of colour, and it almost looks like a tropical ocean! 

We've rarely seen anything so exotic-looking in an Ontario lake.

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Biskaborn is a Canadian wildlife photographer whose Instagram states he is inspired by Windsor’s Ojibway Prairie. 

The "kaleidoscope" sensation is apparently caused by light reflecting off the scales of the yellow perch causing a rainbow-like light show.

Biskaborn explained in the caption of the video that the clip is representative of the abundance of life and food supply in Lake Simcoe. The lake often supports other animals, such as birds or larger fish within the lake.

To view more of Biskaborn's nature photography, you can visit his Instagram. There is no shortage of representation of cute Ontario wildlife!