If you're looking for a new lawnmower but are terrified of machinery, we heard these cuties can get the job done. One city has been facing a weed problem and they came up with an interesting solution: goats. Calgary has deployed hundreds of the critters to mow up invasive plants in a super eco-friendly weed-control program.

From Monday, July 13 to Thursday, July 23, a huge herd of approximately 200 goats will be taking over McHugh Bluff, according to the City of Calgary.

They're returning for the third year, after the program started in 2016, for an all-you-can-eat buffet of invasive weeds.

"The goats grazed on the majority of the target invasive species," according to the city.

The program, called "targeted grazing," helps to encourage biodiversity by getting rid of competing grasses. As a plus, goats are able to safely access hard-to reach areas like the tops of steep slopes, rock piles, and areas of "dense vegetation."

To help guide the goats along, shepherds are being dispatched to herd them using dogs and horses.

As for why they're opting for goats instead of other methods, the city said they're more affordable, more environmentally friendly, and able to control weeds on slopes or near bodies of water.

While they're absolutely adorable, the city warns to give the goats and shepherds some space and not to disturb them while working.

However, you can still go goat watching, as long as you don't come too close. You can also watch them from their pen at the east end of the park.

from Calgary

The city also asks that you keep your dogs on-leash in on-leash areas, obey fences and closures, and not feed the goats — they've got enough to chew on.

The city isn't the only one using herbivores as weed-control — earlier, the military in Alberta were also recruiting cloven hooved soldiers to clear up weeds on base.

The city said Ralph Klein Park and the Fish Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant are also bringing in the herbivores.

Herbicides are so last season. Why spread around potentially dangerous chemicals when a cute goat does the trick?

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