U Of C's Law Faculty Just Launched A 'Black Students Admission Process'

They're trying to address the under-representation of Black students in law.
UofC's Black Students Admission For Law School Was Just Launched Today

The University of Calgary just announced a system for Black students to apply to their faculty of law. 

On Wednesday, September 2, details of UofC's Black Students Admission Process were revealed; it's set to enable Black students to speak about their experiences in the admission process. 

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The primary goal of our Black Student Admissions Process is to lessen the systemic barriers that exist that lead to the under-representation of Black law students and, consequently, Black lawyers. 

Catherine Valestuk, Assistant Dean Of Recruiting and Admissions

According to the update, students will be asked if they self-identify as Black. If the answer is yes, the students will get the chance to write a personal essay. 

The essay may include "their connection to Black culture," as well as systemic or personal racism they or their family members may have been subjected to. 

On top of that, Black applicants will also have their files reviewed by two members of the Black students admissions process sub-committee.