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Canada Is Checking On Over 6K Travellers Daily To Make Sure They Are Quarantining

Travellers can face jail time for non-compliance. ✈️❌
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Canada's Quarantine Rules Are Being Monitored & Over 6K Travellers Get Checked On Daily

Following an update to Canada’s quarantine rules, the federal government has confirmed that thousands of people who’ve entered the country are now being checked on by public health officials.

In a statement related to the country’s new travel rules, Transport Canada revealed that over 6,500 travellers are being contacted every day, to “verify their compliance with the mandatory isolation order.”

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6,500+ Travellers checked every day

Incoming travellers are being monitored to ensure they’re complying with the mandatory two-week quarantine required upon entering Canada.

Officials revealed that Screening Officers from security companies will also be used to ensure people are following restrictions.

When Canada’s hotel quarantine plan comes into effect, these officers will “help complete compliance checks for travellers arriving in Canada.”

Penalties for failing to comply include fines of up to $750,000 and even jail time.

As of January 26, 2021, Transport Canada says 99% of all quarantine-related interventions by law enforcement have resulted in compliance.

“However, in a minority of cases, verbal warnings, written warnings, tickets, and charges have been issued,” the government agency added.

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