The provinces of Alberta and B.C. both provided a public COVID-19 update early in the week. B.C. sent out a press release on Tuesday, November 17 and Alberta held a public address on Monday, November 16. 

According to the Government of B.C., the province had recorded 717 cases in the past 24 hours, breaking the daily COVID-19 record. There had also been 11 new deaths. 

Dr. Deena Hinshaw had reported a similar number the day prior, saying that Alberta had recorded 773 new cases with five new deaths. For Alberta, this was the lowest single-day jump in a week. Somehow, the two provinces have nearly met in the middle. 

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10,068 Vs. 6,882 Active cases in Alberta Vs. B.C.

While the daily case counts have drifted near, sitting in the 700-range, the total active cases are much higher in Alberta. 

British Columbia is currently under a two-week set of measures in two main health regions that disallows virtually any type of gathering apart from within your immediate household. 

Meanwhile, Alberta's gathering limit is still 15 in the big cities, though Jason Kenney has asked locals to tone it down. 

In comparison to other provinces, Quebec and Ontario both have over 12,000 active cases. Meanwhile, Saskatchewan has 2,055.