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How Drag Helped This Iconic Canadian Queen Achieve Her Dreams

"Drag isn't a job, it truly is a culture," Priyanka told Narcity.


The queen herself, Canadian Drag icon Priyanka, sat down for Narcity's qNa series to spill the tea on Canada's Drag Race, her new album, and what it's like being an icon.

Although she came into Canada's Drag Race believing she was a contender, she did have moments of doubt after being in the bottom twice.

But looking back on the situation, Priyanka says "it's okay to fall sometimes as that's what solidifies the crown."

When speaking of her transition from a host of YTV's The Zone to Drag Race icon, Priyanka finds it "inspiring that kids growing up are going to have this guy they used to watch on Spongebob Squarepants now be the winner of Canada's Drag Race."

For the release of her new song "Cake,"Priyanka shot a music video in Toronto's Casa Loma which gave her the opportunity to "enjoy her dreams" while having her Canada's Drag Race sisters alongside her.

Priyanka recommends aspiring drag queens "learn about the culture" and to "just do it, and get excited, and ask questions, and just know that drag could change your life."