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Kenney Made A Video To Show Off Edmonton To The NHL & It Doesn’t Show Edmonton (VIDEO)

The players and their families could be in for a surprise.

The old bait and switch. A new Edmonton promotional video posted by Jason Kenney on Twitter was designed to show the NHL why Edmonton should be the new hub city. But the video hardly shows any shots of the city and it's actually filled with images of the Rockies. 

The NHL is looking for a possible hub city to host its remaining 2020 games in. Amongst all the possible places, Edmonton is a contender and Jason Kenney would love to see it happen.  

Kenney tweeted out a promotional video to build a case for Edmonton. Instead of showcasing the city and things to do, the video is filled with images of the Rockies.

If this is what the players are expecting then they might be in for a big surprise upon arrival. 

The video has gone totally viral and the internet is popping off with jokes about the footage. The minute-long video starts off promising with a snapshot of the city skyline at night. 

But the next 50 seconds are filled with nothing but images of the Rocky Mountains. 

While Edmonton is known for many things, glaciers and mountain tops are not on that list. 

There are even images of canoeing, fly fishing, wild horses running, and waterfalls. These places do exist in the province of Alberta but they're definitely not in Edmonton. 

Some more realistic options may have been the West Edmonton Mall, the river, or legislature. 

The internet is now doing what it does best and is roasting Kenney about the video. 

The comments are hilarious and most people are making parody comparisons. 

One person commented, “players will have the delight of overlooking the gorgeous Stantec Tower from their hotel rooms as well.”

Accompanied but the tweet is a very obvious picture of the Eiffel Tower in France. 

Another person tweeted out a Venn diagram of how the things in this video and the things in Edmonton relate but they didn't connect the two circles. 

This is almost as good as the time The Price is Right gave away a prize to Prince George but put the display picture as Lake Louise in Alberta.