Jason Kenney loves Alberta so much he just wants to share it. The province's premier recently shared an Edmonton NHL promo video. Showcasing the most romantic aspects of Alberta, the video is a cute and almost desperate attempt at enticing the NHL to pick them for a 2020 hub city.

Home to both the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers, it's no secret that Alberta loves hockey. And while COVID-19 may have interrupted the regular NHL season, there's still hope that there may be playoffs in 2020.

If Jason Kenney has his way, they'll be in Alberta. On Monday, June 22, the premier tweeted out a promo video that seemed like a love letter to the NHL from Edmonton, but there's something off.

"Playoffs in Edmonton," reads the video as it begins, showing a nightscape of the city. Then, the video shows off the most breathtaking aspects of life in Alberta and its most iconic places.

For example, In the one minute and three-second long video, you can see the Glacier View Lodge, the breathtaking skywalk, and even Lake Louise.

Unfortunately, these gems are four to five hours from Edmonton by car.

"It's the obvious choice to bring the @NHL to #Edmonton." reads the tweet. 

"We look forward to welcoming the league and players here to Alberta to take in the beautiful province we have to offer."

The video shows off very little of the actual city of Edmonton itself, which is in the running along with Vancouver and Toronto to be an "NHL hub city"

Instead, the video is shots of iconic Albertan travel hot spots, golf courses, and footage of couples enjoying a relaxing retreat.

Alberta's Premier even went as far as to ask the Prime Minister to relax travel restrictions so that they could have the playoffs here in Canada. 

However, COVID-19 cases are still being reported in Edmonton which has outpaced Calgary in cases.

According to the NHL, any potential hub city will have a "comprehensive system for testing" in place and "each team will be permitted to travel a maximum of 50 personnel, including players, coaches and staff."

Whether players will get a chance to enjoy the Rockies while in Edmonton under those strict conditions remains to be seen.