Run as if your phone's battery life is at one percent! You don't need an expensive gym membership to get a workout in Edmonton. When the weather is beautiful, it's the perfect time to get outdoors and go for a jog. If you really want to sweat it out, make sure to try this Edmonton staircase trail, and you'll be rewarded with an epic city view.

The Glenora Staircase is located right in the heart of the city, and the entrance is only a few steps from the Royal Glenora overflow parking lot.

From here, you can begin the steady climb up the hundreds of wooden steps.

Compared to Wolf Willow Stairs, this trail is way less steep. That said, it still provides an amazing workout, without needing to be stuck on a treadmill. 

It's the perfect short and sweet route when you want to get some extra cardio in!

You can easily complete this route no matter your fitness level. Just go at your own pace; there is no need to jog the way up.

The reason the Glenora Staircase is a firm-favourite with locals is not only the convenient location, but the incredible view you'll discover.

At the top, you can take a seat on the grass and soak in the gorgeous overlook of the North Saskatchewan River.

It is particularly dreamy at dusk, when you can watch the sky turn cotton-candy pink and fiery copper, and you'll see those colours reflected on the water.

From here, it's up to you which way to go. At the top of the stairs, there is a pedestrian path that you can follow, if you want to extend your workout.

If not, you can turn around and climb back down. After all, completing your daily step count doesn't need to take up all your free time.

It's time to grab your water bottle and your gym clothes, this awesome workout is waiting! 

Glenora Staircase

Address: Fortway Dr. N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: Complete the climb and be rewarded with an extraordinary view at the top. 

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