If you're wondering what the go-to Holiday goodie of 2020 is going to be, you probably haven't heard of Hot Chocolate Bombs yet. 

They're basically big chocolate balls that are filled with cocoa, marshmallows, and other decadent fillings. You place the bomb in your mug and pour hot milk (or any warm liquid) over top.

The Alberta bakery that's getting so much hype is called For Sweet Sakes and it's located in Chestermere. The bakery's FAQ section answers everything you want to know about the sweet creations. 

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For six 

There are several different kinds and they each look as delicious as the last. 

The baker, Stephanie Henry, told CTV News that people from all over the world have been placing orders. So much so that she's all booked with orders up until Christmas. 

The bakery has tons of little videos showing you what the bomb looks like when it explodes. It's honestly so satisfying to watch. 

If you had never heard of Hot Chocolate Bombs before, you're going to start seeing them everywhere now because DIY versions are starting to hit the internet. 

So, will you wait for an order or attempt your own? 

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