If you're from the area, an Alberta bear encounter is something you're used to hearing about or even experiencing for yourself. 

Though, a video has emerged of a mother grizzly and her three cubs approaching a vehicle with people inside. The video was taken by Justin Giesbrecht near Edson, Alberta per CBC News

First, you see a big old bear approaching the car where the man is filming. "This is as close as I want to get to a grizzly," the videographer says. 

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"...And three cubs," he continues. These are not the tiny baby cubs that look like teddy bears, they're basically teenagers and they look just a daunting as their mom. 

The mother bear gets right up next to the car. The man filming whispers "she doesn't know we're here." 

As soon as he says that, the mom pops up onto her hind legs and looks right in their window. 

It seems she did, in fact, know they were there. 

"Oh my gosh!" he shouts when he sees her standing tall before him. We are amazing, terrified, and so happy that he was able to get this on video. 

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