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An Adorable BC Bear Video Shows A Tiny Cub Trying To Copy Its Mom's Backscratching

This might be the cutest thing we've ever seen. EVER. 🥺

Bear cubs are extremely underrated if you ask us. They're basically teddies and sometimes we get the pleasure of uncovering a B.C. bear video that just makes our hearts sing. 

A video posted by The Weather Network from October 6, 2020, shows perhaps one of the cutest bear scenes we've ever laid eyes on.

The video begins with a big black bear scratching her back euphorically on a pretty thin tree. 

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You can see her two cubs walking around near where she's standing.

She scratches for a little while before going back down on all four legs and walking away from the tree. 

The second she leaves her scratching post, one of her cubs approaches the tree.

To our delight, the baby stands on its hind legs and starts to scratch, just like its mom.  

The little bear looks a little confused and unsure of what to do, but the scene is the most adorable thing ever. We'll be watching this in repeat today.