The Ontario government just told Canadians that the province may be experiencing a 'deficit' in COVID-19 vaccines

The statement comes from Stephen Lecce's latest press conference where he discussed the provinces back to school plans among other things. 

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Right now we have a bit of a deficit of supply and we need more from the feds.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce

When asked by reporters what the situation was with COVID-19 vaccines in Ontario, he said that the province is almost totally out.

"UHN reported yesterday from Dr. Kevin Smith that they essentially will have no more vaccines as of yesterday and they have thousands of front line workers on a waitlist," Lecce said.

As a result, the province says they are waiting on the federal government to send in more.  

Lecce also noted that before Canadians can discuss the 'prioritization' of who gets the vaccine first, the province must first get their hands on it.

Still, the education minister said that 100,000 people have already been vaccinated so far and that is a "positive thing."

According to CTV News, the number actually stands at 103,263 Ontarians who have been vaccinated, as seen in their latest figures updated as of Friday, January 8. 

To date, 285,691 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered to Canadians, per the report. 

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