If you’ve ever dreamed of waking up to the sound of the ocean’s waves, look no further than this. There’s a lighthouse home for sale in New Brunswick that’s just steps from the water, and it comes with its very own private beach. If that wasn’t enough, this property costs less than a downtown city condo, yet the views are priceless.

Located in Rothesay, New Brunswick, there’s a lighthouse-inspired home for sale that’s as close to the beach as possible.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home is bright blue in colour, which matches the spectacular riverfront setting that it’s in. 

While the views from this property are extraordinary, and should be worth millions, this home is on the market for just $375,000. That's less than the price of some downtown city condos!

If the location wasn’t enough, this unique home is designed to look like a lighthouse, making it one of the most unusual and exciting spaces in the region.

According to the listing, the sandy beach shoreline is just “steps” from the front door, which means that “swimming, sun basking, kayaking and sailing” are all literally on your doorstep.

The property has also been designed to make the most of its awe-inspiring surroundings. This means that wherever you are in the home, you can enjoy the ocean views, beach sunsets and crashing waves every morning.

The inside of this house is almost as lovely as the exterior. It’s decorated to a high standard with a modern finish, and all of the rooms are open and spacious.

While it already has three bedrooms, there’s space in the property to expand even further, and the listing notes that there’s additional land outside to create a “guest space.”

One of the most spectacular features in this place is the top storey bedroom, which “truly emphasizes the lighthouse-like architecture.”

This room is octagonal shaped, and offers panoramic views of the stunning riverside surroundings. There’s also a balcony up there, overlooking the water, to completely maximise the seaside experience.

With a price tag of just $375,000, this place costs less than a downtown condo in cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

While New Brunswick has a large number of mini-mansions for people on a budget, this home is truly a one-of-a-kind property in an unbelievable location.

Waterfront Lighthouse Home

Price: $375,000

Address: 24 Shipyard Rd., Rothesay, NB

Description: This brightly-coloured lighthouse home is a one-in-a-millon, made even more extraordinary by its outstanding location and affordable price tag.

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