Canadians who are looking to take a cheap trip this summer might just be in luck. Flair Airlines' new destinations allow for inexpensive trips to even more cities. The company is also making sure their flights are clean and safe.

In a July 23 press release, Flair announced that five new destinations have been added to their summer schedule: Prince George, Fort McMurray, Regina, Saskatoon, and Victoria.

The new routes will start in August, but you can book your trips on the company's website right now.

Flights to Prince George will depart from Edmonton and Vancouver, while planes to Fort McMurray, Regina, and Saskatoon will fly from Toronto and Vancouver.

"We continuously receive requests from our passengers to service these communities," Flair CEO Jim Scott said in a statement.

"Many of these areas are experiencing reduced accessibility, and we know that Canadians need affordable air fares now more than ever. We are committed to supporting these communities across the country as they safely reopen to travel."

Flair will also still be flying to cities like Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Kelowna. Some of the routes, including Victoria to Vancouver, have fares as low as $50.

Flair is also taking steps to ensure passenger safety on their flights. They note in their release that all of their planes have been thoroughly disinfected and are utilizing HEPA filters to keep the air inside the craft clean.

Passengers also go through a visual mask check and have their temperatures taken before boarding the flight, along with answering a health questionnaire.

While air travel has not been in high demand during the global pandemic, more Canadian airlines, including Porter and Air Transat, are resuming flights to some destinations.

With more places to fly, Canadians can think about some of the domestic destinations they'd like to visit. They might even be places you never even thought of travelling to before.

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