Letitia Wright said that she could see John Boyega playing the next James Bond, and he is very down, should the opportunity come his way.

When Boyega was told in a recent interview that his pal Wright said he'd make a good Bond, he was all smiles and said he'd be into it, under some circumstances.

Daniel Craig will be playing James Bond for the final time in next year's "No Time To Die," so it is indeed time for a new man to fill his fancy spy shoes.

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Ooh! Hey, listen. [With] Steve McQueen directing, let’s do this. We could show them something different. We still bring that sophistication. You know, James Bond has to be James Bond. But, we could do something with that.

John Boyega

Boyega would make a good Bond based on his acting alone, however, we now offer you a few other nuggets of proof he'd be perfect for the role: his own Instagram posts.

First of all, his style is unmatched — this man looks very good in a suit (a huge James Bond trait).

James Bond may be a serious detective guy who is always running around the world being sneaky, but he's also gotta have a sense of humor — and Boyega's cleverness would bring that Bond charm to a whole new level (example: him interviewing himself).

He can safely transport innocent people — here he is doing just that with his nephew.

He is already skilled at the following Bond-like activities: jumping, fighting, holding a (fake) weapon, more jumping, etc.

He takes the necessary safety precautions as every good spy should.

And most importantly: He fights for what's right, no matter what.

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