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You Can Visit The California Filming Locations Of 'The Mandalorian,' No Spaceship Required

"The Mandalorian" has kicked off its second season, and despite being set in a galaxy far, far away, the "Star Wars" show is almost entirely shot in California.

The show was shot in several California locations, including Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, and Los Angeles.

And while most of the show's locations are done completely by visual effects, some exterior shots were taken in Death Valley National Park.

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Death Valley itself looks a lot like Tattooine, generally (and was also used in exterior shots in "A New Hope").

Death Valley gets exorbitantly hot during the summer, and the best time to visit is October through May, should you want to take your own journey to the earth version of Tattooine.

The show primarily shoots in a Manhattan Beach Studios in Manhattan Beach, in front of a green screen, with visual effects creating the location.

Manhattan Beach is one of the more low-key gorgeous beaches in Los Angeles, with a cute downtown area.

Exterior shots were also filmed in the beachside town of El Segundo, nearby Manhattan Beach.

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