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What better way to experience a magical evening than immersing yourself in a glowing field of lights?

This can be a reality by visiting the Sensorio experience in Paso Nobles, CA, a unique way to enjoy the Golden State's great outdoors by walking through illuminated hills and sparkling light towers.

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Stepping into this hidden ghost town in Southern California feels like stepping out of the modern world and into a John Wayne film: at least that's our first impression of Pioneertown, going by the pictures on Instagram.

It's an unincorporated town, situated in the Morongo Basin region of San Bernardino's High Desert, just outside of Joshua Tree National Park.

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Disneyland is home to a secret private residence that hosts high-end dinner parties for celebrities and wealthy clientele.

Nestled in the heart of the theme park in New Orleans Square, directly above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, 21 Royal St. flies under a lot of visitors' radars.

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This Essay article is part of a Narcity Media series. The views expressed are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

In 2016 I left my hometown of Savannah, GA to move into a studio apartment on Sunset Boulevard & Highland Avenue in Hollywood, mostly because I had nothing better to do.

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California is known for its scenic desert hikes, relaxing hot springs, and breathtaking natural beauty.

This hidden gem located just outside of Santa Barbara features turquoise soaking pools lined with natural stones and a hike with incredible views.

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