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There's A Secret 'Pirate Tower' Hidden Among The Cliffs Of This Beach In California


Nestled into the beachside cliffs of Laguna Hills in Southern California is an old pirate's tower and it's an old, not-so-hidden treasure of Victoria Beach.

The Victoria Beach Pirate Tower was built in 1926 by a rich California senator, although, to be honest, it looks like it just eroded straight out of the nearby cliffs.

The old tower stands 60 feet tall and has the tiniest little storybook-ish windows on it.

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You Can Visit The California Filming Locations Of 'The Mandalorian,' No Spaceship Required

Visit beautiful "Tattooine" today.

"The Mandalorian" has kicked off its second season, and despite being set in a galaxy far, far away, the "Star Wars" show is almost entirely shot in California.

The show was shot in several California locations, including Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, and Los Angeles.

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You Can Visit This Coastal Waterfall That Flows Onto The Beach In California

It's hidden on a beachside cliff.🏖

What's better than a hike with a view

Alamere Falls in California is a tidal waterfall that cascades off a cliff and onto the coast. 

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This Romantic Airbnb In L.A. Will Feel Like A Honeymoon In Rome

It feels just like a trip abroad!

If you're in the mood for a little extra spark on your next romantic getaway, why not feel like you're traveling the world without your passport?

The "Italian-Style Hillside Retreat" Airbnb in Los Angeles will whisk you away on a Roman Holiday.

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You Can Have A Perfectly Pink BFF Getaway At This Spot In California

Cocktails are served all day at the café!🍾💕

What could be better than spending a weekend with your best friend in an all-pink hotel?

The Madonna Inn in California is a pink dream, and it's the best place for a BFF getaway!

Nestled in San Luis Obispo, this 110 guest room hotel boasts whimsical decor, retro furnishings, and an award-winning day spa.

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You Can Actually Stay In The Cliff-Side Cabins From 'Ratched' In California

Mildred Ratched actually stayed here!

If your latest Netflix binge includes Ratched, you might be pleased to know that you can actually visit some of the filming locations

One of which is the Lucia Lodge in California where Mildred Ratched spent her time outside of the hospital, according to the SFGate.

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