You Can Walk Through A Glowing Field Of Lights At This Magical Spot In California

Light up your night at this hidden gem. ✨

Georgia Contributing Writer
​The glowing field of lights in Paso Nobles, CA.

The glowing field of lights in Paso Nobles, CA.

What better way to experience a magical evening than immersing yourself in a glowing field of lights?

This can be a reality by visiting the Sensorio experience in Paso Nobles, CA, a unique way to enjoy the Golden State's great outdoors by walking through illuminated hills and sparkling light towers.

This exhibit combines elements of art and technology with the beauty of nature. You can explore 15 acres of rolling cliffs blanketed in color-changing bulbs.

Once the sun goes down, these hills come alive. And if you get tired by walking in the night, benches are scattered along the way so you can stop to rest and enjoy the sights and sounds around you.


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A standard ticket costs $49 per person and allows access to the fields, stunning light towers, and the general admissions area, where you can purchase local wine, beer, and spirits or even enjoy live music.

If you want to elevate your night out or celebrate a special occasion, you can book a VIP experience on a private terrace.

In this last one, you'll have access to an airstream bar, fireside tables, charcuterie platters, private bathrooms, and a prime view of the expansive and glowing fields.

This captivating and vibrant experience is a great way to experience California's wine country in a non-traditional way, and is a great option for families or a colorful date night.


Price: $49+/ per person

Address: 4380 Hwy. 46 E., Paso Robles, CA

Why You Need To Go: You can take a stroll through magical hills covered in glowing lights and explore breathtaking glowing fields.


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Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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