Not all polling places are quite like the other, and California took that to the next level yesterday when people cast their votes at some downright odd yet extremely whimsical locations. These are the weirdest polling places from Election Day 2020, and all of them are in California.

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A Literal Dive Bar

Voters turned up at the Friends Bar in San Francisco, a popular neighborhood spot, to fill out their ballots (and drop off their mail-in ballots) amidst the dartboards and pool tables.

Under A Bunch Of Floating Umbrellas In An Alley

Perhaps the most whimsical of the voting locations in California was in Redding, where voters filled out their ballots in an alley underneath a bunch of colorful, "floating" umbrellas.

A Pink Ice Cream Museum

In San Francisco, voters could make their way to the Museum of Ice Cream, which is typically the place you go to take selfies in entirely pink rooms or sitting in a pile of sprinkles, but on November 3, it was all about making your voice heard...while standing in a pink room.

A Beer Company

Almanac Beer in Alameda was another spot open for voters, with voting stations set up around the brewery.

Dodger Stadium

One of the more iconic locations to cast your vote in Los Angeles was Dodger Stadium, where voters (and fans) could pick up some Dodger merchandise from the team stores after casting their vote.

One Of The Most Famous Theaters In Los Angeles

Another elaborate voting location was the famous Pantages Theater, where once you voted, they even gave you a little Broadway-themed sticker.