If you and your family are having money problems in Los Angeles and wish to showcase them to the world on television, well, there's a reality show casting for that.

A primetime network is accepting submissions from whole families to be on a new reality show about money problems, where money is a "pressing issue" and "the root of all your disputes" within your relationships.

The issue could be any of the following: a partner who cares more about money than your relationship, not receiving enough monetary support from a parent, supporting a parent financially, and more.

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days until submissions are closed

Stage 29 Productions, the production company that put out the casting call, is managed by Jay McGraw and Phil McGraw, of "Dr. Phil" fame.

Other shows by Stage 29 Productions include "The Doctors" and "Dr. Phil" (who is not a real medical doctor, actually). 

You have until December 3 to submit your family for the unnamed series, and you must be based in Los Angeles.

The show is, ironically, unpaid.

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