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It's been five years since 23 people were killed in the Montecito Mudslide on January 9, 2018. Now, the Southern California area is experiencing similarly dangerous weather with a death toll of at least 14 people.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

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Two men were caught on video setting fire to an immigration center in California in an attempt to burn it down, but they accidentally lit themselves aflame in the process.

Ring security footage shows the Servicio de Inmigracion building in Bakersfield, CA, being doused with a liquid accelerant by two hooded arsonists early Monday morning. The captured moment was posted on the center’s official Facebook account.

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California is under inclement weather alerts during the next few days. According to AccuWeather meteorologists, a major storm will be hitting the Golden State and could be generating life-threatening floods, strong winds, and power outages.

The National Weather Service of Los Angeles stated that it’s crucial to understand the dangers of flooding, as only six inches of water can knock over and carry away a person, while, on the other hand, only 12 inches of water are needed to move a vehicle.

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News broke that Post Malone was expecting a baby with his mysterious fiancee in May this year.

Post confirmed on the Howard Stern show over the summer that he and his girlfriend, who is not a public figure, had given birth to a healthy baby girl.

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An LA content creator garnered social media attention for a TikTok about her eccentric nightly routine of taping her mouth shut before falling asleep every night.

Lauryn Bosstick, a beauty influencer and owner of skincare brand The Skinny Collective, asserts that embracing the trend six months ago has triggered improvements in her quality of sleep and overall energy levels when she wakes up.

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