An LA Influencer Says She Tapes Her Mouth Shut Every Night Before Bed & TikTok Has Questions

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Lauryn Bosstick wearing her sleep tape. Right: Lauryn Bosstick smiling for a photo.
Georgia Contributing Writer

Lauryn Bosstick wearing her sleep tape. Right: Lauryn Bosstick smiling for a photo.

An LA content creator garnered social media attention for a TikTok about her eccentric nightly routine of taping her mouth shut before falling asleep every night.

Lauryn Bosstick, a beauty influencer and owner of skincare brand The Skinny Collective, asserts that embracing the trend six months ago has triggered improvements in her quality of sleep and overall energy levels when she wakes up.

In the video uploaded last week, she shares her process and the benefits saying, "I just put this little piece of blue tape over my lips while I sleep. Mouth taping's main benefit is to encourage nose breathing during sleep, but what I notice is I wake up with so much more energy."


@Andrew Huberman & @clairegrieve27 raved about this on @tscpod so i had to try it & OMIGOD YES (but do ur own research obv) #mouthtape #mouthtapingforsleep #mouthtape #mouthtapesleeping #sleephacking

According to The Sleep Foundation, limited scientific studies have been done on the practice so the benefits are mostly "anecdotal at this point". However, some say it can help prevent snoring and achieve deeper sleep by promoting breathing through your nose while you sleep.

TikTok users in the comment section had lots to say about this trend, which has been making its round across the platform as others try it out for themselves.

"Lauryn what if you have to yawn?" one commenter asked, to which Bosstick replied that the tape stretches.

"What if my nose gets stuffy in the middle of the night though?" another user asked.

Other commenters were enthusiastic about the idea and wanted to recommend it to friends and family who snore at night.

The Sleep Foundation warns that while some report benefits, there are also potential side effects including irritation around the lips, difficulty breathing, and decreased cognitive ability. There are currently no official guidelines outlining how to do this practice safely.

Bosstick didn't immediately responded to Narcity's request for comment on this beauty trend.

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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