I Tried TikTok’s Jalapeño Rosé Trend As A Bartender & Now I Have Trust Issues

I used Snoop Dogg's wine as the cherry on top. 🍹

Narcity Staff Writer, Maeve Brown, holding a wine glass. Right: The jalapeño rosé and ice in a wine glass.
Georgia Contributing Writer

Narcity Staff Writer, Maeve Brown, holding a wine glass. Right: The jalapeño rosé and ice in a wine glass.

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Whether it's the best ways to celebrate 'Feral Girl Summer' or tales of the infamous Pink Sauce, you can always count on TikTok to bring you the summer's hottest (and slightly unhinged) trends.

When I caught wind that popular creators on the app were raving about a new drink, as someone who has spent years working in bars, I had to see firsthand what all the buzz was about.

The Jalapeño Rosé drink is the brainchild of the content creator Allyssa in the Kitchen, who shared a video back in April of her slicing up jalapeños into a wine glass and topping it off with pink wine.

The post is set to the sound of someone asking: "What is something that you've always done? You've never found it strange, but other people find it weird, and now you get made fun of for it."


Have you ever tried a jalapeño slice in your rosé?

Other creators on the app were quick to hop onto the trend, one influencer going as far as to call Allyssa "a genius."

Of course, I got the ingredients and had to try it!

For the rosé of choice, I went with Snoop Dogg's 2020 Cali Rosé from 19Crimes. I chose this brand for two reasons. First, it's from California. These kinds of bottles tend to be fruitier and bolder than the traditional Provence varietal, which can be more delicate. Second, it was only $12, and who doesn't love Snoop Dogg?

The jalape\u00f1o ros\u00e9 and ice in a wine glass. Right: Snoop Dogg's Cali Ros\u00e9 from 19Crimes. The jalapeño rosé and ice in a wine glass. Right: Snoop Dogg's Cali Rosé from 19Crimes. @maevecbrowne | Instagram

I opted for garnishing the drink with the five pepper slices instead of muddling them because I didn't want to overpower the beverage by crushing up the seeds and extracting the oils. I served it over two oversized ice cubes to contrast the heat from the vegetable.

At first glance, it was visually very appealing. The green and deep pink hues contrasted each other nicely, and it looked somewhat refreshing. I am a big fan of heat and have a high tolerance for spice so I wasn't concerned.

The first sip was underwhelming since the flavors didn't really compliment each other in any remarkable way, they were simply "just there." It felt like something was missing to make a fully fleshed-out cocktail.

While the heat was definitely there, it was uneventful. I expected more out of the popular drink people were raving about.

The second sip was equally disappointing. My tastebuds were distracted, and if I could name the flavor, I'd call it "heartburn and a hangover."

Did I drink the entire thing? Yes, I hate waste. Would I come back for a second glass? No, I would rather drink a spicy "ranchwater" cocktail which is made with tequila, Topo Chico sparkling water, lime juice, and jalapeños to satiate the pepper-sized hole in my heart.

While it was ultimately inoffensive, I think it's definitely overhyped. But if you find a summertime cocktail that you enjoy as much as TikTok influencers who swear by this trend, who am I to harsh your vibe?

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
Maeve Browne is a Contributing Writer for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on food and Internet trends and is based in Savannah, Georgia.